I Love Northern Colorado!

As a local Realtor®, Loveland native, a graduate of Rocky Mtn High School, The University Of Northern Colorado and long-time resident, I would like to sponsor a mobile app for your local school, non-profit event or group.


Download Play Store Sample App Here

Download Itunes Sample App Here


These apps provide all the features of a standard web-based mobile app and also has the capacity to act as a FUNDRAISING MACHINE. 

The best part is that I can provide these apps at no cost to you or your organization.

How Is This Possible?

Amazon.com offers an affiliate bonus to apps which funnel traffic to them.  Your FREE mobile app will be set up to take advantage of this program which could easily mean thousands of hassle-free fundraising dollars. 

Your mobile app will have a customizable web store full of products your audience wants and needs. 

One of the best parts about this affiliate program is the fact that you will earn a commission on ANYTHING (not just the items in your virtual shop) somebody buys on Amazon.com for a full 24 hours after going to Amazon.com through the app.

This Is Easy Money!

There is nothing to sell, store or keep track of. All you need to do is promote your app and all the great features to your audience and let them do the rest.

With all of these features and tools together like this, your app will be much more than the best fundraising tool your group has ever used. It will also be one of the most effective and convenient means of bringing your group together by putting vital information and resources right in their pocket.

These apps are not intended to replace your other fundraising efforts but merely to make your other efforts more effective without adding any more time or expense.

The Amazon affiliate program pays out at least a 4 percent commision on all sales. This money will be safely kept in an escrow account with a whopping 75% being paid out to your school, organization or group.

Please take a good look at the features this app has to offer while keeping in mind that colors, icons, section labels and graphics can be customized to fit your needs and color schemes.

Another way for your school or group to earn even more is through my Real Estate referral program. You will receive $500.00 payable to your school or group whenever somebody mentions your app and either buys or sells Real Estate with me as their agent.

But let’s not get too caught up in the money side of things, these apps can do so much more than just raise money.

More Convenience 

More and more people use their smartphones and search for things on the go rather than sitting in front of computers at home or at the office. People want access to info NOW, and using their smartphones allows for this.

Your community needs that information at their fingertips and a mobile app is the best way to give them access to it.


This section would be used to mirror

the sections of information on your website


A direct link to your website

One Touch Calling
Give your customers one touch calling from inside your app. No numbers to save or remember.

GPS Direction
Give your community instant turn by turn 
directions to your location

Event Listings Feature

Include all of your events and special dates
 inside of your application.

Syncs right up with any Google Calendar

Facebook Page Link
Give people quick access 
to your facebook page

Each user can write and store notes 
privately within the app

Image Gallery
Pick 10 -20 images that represent you the best

RSS Feeds
Provide information that auto-updates, always giving your audience something fresh & relevant 

Amazon Catalogue
Fully customizable Amazon Affiliate Shop
This is how you can take your fundraising to another level

App Info/Feedback
This is the page where the sponsorship
is mentioned & where people can
make suggestions or share ideas.

Improve Communication

Wanting to improve communication is very common, however having an easy way to do it is not.

The truth is, you need an app to most effectively connect with your audience whenever and where ever they are! A mobile app makes it easy because it lives on their phone and goes with them everywhere! Many of us can hardly stand to even put ours down.

Push Notifications

 These are the easiest way to instantly reach your audience with emergency announcements or friendly reminders. These messages appear instantly to all of those with your mobile app installed. They can be seen on both the phone interface as well as within the app itself (by clicking on the bell icon on the front page of the app). 

These can be sent by only those who are authorized to access the backstage. 

Earn FREE Event Entertainment

You don’t just make money with one of these apps, you also earn bonuses that the whole school can enjoy!  

DJ Services By JR Productions DJ
How about a school dance or maybe music at Track & Field Day?


Balloon Twisting Lessons By Jasbo The Balloon Artiste’


Getting Started Is Easy!!

The only thing you need to do is to say “YES” and your app will be up and running in a matter of just a few weeks. After that, all you need to do is spread the word and start using the app!

Download Play Store Sample App Here

Download Itunes Sample App Here

Please feel free to either call or text me at 


with any questions.